Man Alone (i.e. Solo)

In the bold, freewheeling spirit of such other ad hoc, last minute ventures as the snap election of ’84, I’m announcing a short solo tour of my home country.

The venues are small-ish, the prices are low-ish to non-existent (see Christchurch); it’s all just an excuse to do something spontaneous without endless agonising over marketing, logistical considerations, string quartet rehearsals, arranging someone to feed the cat etc.

I’ve been writing some new songs over the past couple of months and I’d like to try some of these out in a public setting to force me to finish the lyrics. I’ll also be taking requests, and will undoubtedly perform “The Handsome Sons Of Shirley” at some point. I’m considering covers.

Presales for the Wellington and Auckland shows are available now through Under The Radar. The Auckland show’s particularly small in capacity (75), so I’d especially recommend pre-buying for that one. Just doing doorsales for the Dunedin show cos everything’s a bit more casual down there. Christchurch, first come, first served!

See you soon.

3 Responses to “Man Alone (i.e. Solo)”

  1. Tai says:

    Where the devil can I find ‘Handsome Sons of Shirley’?! I haven’t been able to anywhere – am I being silly? Please and thank you.

  2. Tai says:

    Haven’t been able to find it that is. Oops.

  3. Lawrence says:

    There’s no recording of it as of yet. It still may happen…

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