Home Again

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Most excited to be playing a full tour in this “little country that always punches far above its weight,” home of the legendary All Blacks, the Lord of the Rings films, and their slightly less beloved prequels, teen goth-pop icon Lorde, producer Joel Little, internationally tipped Nelson brother and sister duo Broods and Xero accounting software.

LA 2014 Tour Poster-final

Tickets from Under The Radar.

The James In Spain Plays Mainly On The Plain

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

On Saturday 19 July, I’m playing a solo show at Bar Italia in Vilanova i la Geltrú. See you there?


His Parents’ Jeep

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

A new/old song released this week by a well known German beer company on an album of “new New Zealand music.” You can buy it (currently Australia/NZ only sorry) at iTunes and listen to it just below these words.

Basic tracks recorded during “The Sparrow” recording sessions, with more recent production and mixing touches by Ryan McPhun (The Ruby Suns). Released as part of Beck’s New New Zealand Music album on May 1 2014. With Elroy Finn on drums and Connan Mockasin on bass. Kindly mastered by Bevan Smith.

I Play My Albums In Full!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

(Press Release)Call it pretentious, call it pompous – call it whatever P-word you like. Presenting an unbridled classic rock gesture of the highest order from one of New Zealand’s least classic rock* artists and human beings, Lawrence Arabia.


Over two nights in Auckland and three in Wellington, Lawrence Arabia and band will perform as faithfully as humanly possible all three Lawrence Arabia albums from start to finish.

In Auckland, “Lawrence Arabia” and “Chant Darling” will be performed together on the first night, in Wellington, each night will showcase a different album. The final show in each centre will feature “The Sparrow,” plus other old favourites, accompanied by a string quartet and guest horn players, similar to the magnificent performances at Auckland Town Hall and Wellington Opera House in 2012.

For those of you who have been in a damned coma**, the albums we are talking about are these:

Lawrence Arabia. Released 2006 as kind of a companion piece to The Reduction Agents’ “The Dance Reduction Agents,” its sound was an eclectic mix of simple electronica, folk and psychedelia, and its subject matter odd. (See “Business Planning” and “Everyone’s Had Dinner With Rabbit”).

Chant Darling. Released 2009, it was the first Lawrence album to be released worldwide through Bella Union, received the inaugural Taite Music Prize and featured the kind of hit “Apple Pie Bed” which won the APRA Silver Scroll.

The Sparrow. The “serious” third album released in 2012, featuring much piano, nocturnal atmosphere and dramatic string arrangements. Containing such dinner party favourites as “The Listening Times” and “The Bisexual,” it won the Tui for Best Male Solo Album in 2013.

Earlybird season passes are available now for a pretty darn value packed $40. The earlybird price will end on Monday 31 March; the price will then increase to $45 plus booking fee. Individual night tickets will also be available.

Auckland – Kings Arms Tavern
Wednesday 28 May – Lawrence Arabia/Chant Darling
Thursday 29 May – The Sparrow plus old songs with string quartet
$40 season pass (till Monday 31 March)

Wellington – Puppies
Friday 30 May – Lawrence Arabia
Saturday 31 June – Chant Darling
Sunday 1 June – The Sparrow plus old songs with string quartet
$40 season pass (till Monday 31 March)

*Actually reasonably classic rock.

**If you have actually been in a damned coma, we apologise for making light, and would genuinely welcome you to the show, and be sensitive to the gaps in your memory which we acknowledge would be potentially traumatic and difficult to cope with.

Moving Promotional Video (NZ Tour)

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Lawrence Arabia’s New Zealand (Tour)

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

(Press release by Frank Sargeson)

One of New Zealand’s foremost songsters, Lawrence Arabia, with his modern pops quartet, is delighted to announce a fairly extensive tour of the former British Dominion of New Zealand, these fertile South Pacific isles whose agricultural products grace the dinner tables of subjects all around the Empire.

Starting in the nation’s burgeoning viticultural heartland of Napier, where local winemakers have been making medium white wines for a number of years now, vintages which may not approach the wines of France in quality, but provide a passable alternative to beer for our country’s housewives, the tour continues on via our harbourside capital, Wellington, to the beautiful river city of Petre (or as it is more authentically known these days, Wanganui, in the native Maori language).

LA NZ Nov 2013 Poster

Onwards, this festive musical variety show will travel across the turbulent Cook Strait to the Mainland, plunging southwards to the historical goldrush hinterlands of Otago, through that most English of cities, Christchurch, to Oamaru and Port Chalmers, and onto the tiny, humble, mountain village of Wanaka.

Bisecting the Gates of Haast and skirting Westland’s cathedrals of ice, the chipper gang with their fine and true harmonies will proceed to Barrytown, located near the iconic pancake rocks of Punakaiki, where the fierce Tasman Sea is propelled at pressure through holes eroded in sedimentary coastal rock, creating a dramatic natural phenomenon known as a blowhole, these fine examples of which have attracted visitors from as far afield as Australia and the United States of America.

Via Takaka in the majestic and remote Golden Bay, Lawrence Arabia and his chums return to the sub-tropical north, with evening concerts in Raglan, Leigh, and the sophisticated and sprawling Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, which boasts a number of New York-style skyscrapers topping fifteen storeys.

Come celebrate the existence of this most varied of lands, and this most varied catalogue of songs, at a concert engagement near you.

“Shush Your Bush” – Theatre Review

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Roger Hall’s new production, “Shush Your Bush,” has opened in Christchurch to raves from the assembled media and invited audience. Staged at Addington’s Court Theatre, the play was described by one theatre-goer as a “saucy romp,” while Mayor Bob Parker quipped that it was “closer to the truth than you could possibly imagine.”

The story follows three recently divorced women (Ginette MacDonald, Geraldine Brophy, Rima Te Wiata) in their fifties, from Wellington’s Belmont suburb, who embark on a Cuban holiday sometime between September 11, 2001 and the beginning of the Iraq War. On the sun-drenched beaches of southeastern Cuba they have numerous cultural misunderstandings and flirtatious encounters with muscular young pool attendants, before the decisive event at the end of the first act in which the three vivacious women are imprisoned without trial at the United States’ notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Therein follows two hours of vintage cultures-collide farce, as the three ladies charm hardline Islamic fundamentalists and their American gaolers alike, with their earthy and sometimes bawdy Kiwi senses of humour. In one hilarious, yet poignant, scene, June (Te Wiata) teaches terror suspect Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri how to make a flat white. The cheery spirit of these feisty Belmont divorcées shines a light into this darkest of dark places, and seems to promise a middle way between the two sides of the War On Terror.

Although approximately thirty minutes of the second act is devoted to an extremely harrowing onstage depiction of waterboarding, during which something in the region of twenty audience members either fainted, vomited, or left the auditorium, the overall tone of the production is one of light and heartwarming hilarity, harking back to the wholesome golden days of New Zealand comedy, and playwright Roger Hall’s early, most well-known work.

Without wanting to give away the ending, the play’s wonderful climactic scene involves a visit from former President George W. Bush and the utterance of the play’s title, “Shush Your Bush,” which had the capacity crowd in hysterics. Highly recommended!

Brace, United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

You may have caught wind of these via your trusty social media hub, if not – some shows in your vicinity.

Except where noted, most shows supporting Phoenix Foundation whose superlative “Fandango” is out now.

golden dawn

Photograph with roadie taken by @mistercrawley.

Thursday May 9, Glasgow Oran Mor

Friday May 10, Manchester Deaf Institute

Saturday May 11, Liverpool Kazimier

Monday May 13, Brighton Audio

Wednesday May 15, Sebright Arms London (headline show)

Thursday May 16, Bristol Thekla

Friday May 17 Brighton The Haunt (12:15pm Great Escape – NZ Party)

Friday May 17 Brighton Komedia (7pm Great Escape thingy)

Man Alone (i.e. Solo)

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

In the bold, freewheeling spirit of such other ad hoc, last minute ventures as the snap election of ’84, I’m announcing a short solo tour of my home country.

The venues are small-ish, the prices are low-ish to non-existent (see Christchurch); it’s all just an excuse to do something spontaneous without endless agonising over marketing, logistical considerations, string quartet rehearsals, arranging someone to feed the cat etc.

I’ve been writing some new songs over the past couple of months and I’d like to try some of these out in a public setting to force me to finish the lyrics. I’ll also be taking requests, and will undoubtedly perform “The Handsome Sons Of Shirley” at some point. I’m considering covers.

Presales for the Wellington and Auckland shows are available now through Under The Radar. The Auckland show’s particularly small in capacity (75), so I’d especially recommend pre-buying for that one. Just doing doorsales for the Dunedin show cos everything’s a bit more casual down there. Christchurch, first come, first served!

See you soon.

Fabulous/Arabia dust off the cobwebs

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Michael Fabulous and I are pleased to announce that our pro-am funk ensemble Fabulous/Arabia is coming out of mothballs for a few shows in various New Zealand locales, ending up in the scenic Southern Lakes for the Festival Of Colour.
Fabulous Arabia press shot 1

The dates are as follows:

Friday April 12 – Titirangi Festival of Music, Auckland

Monday April 15 – Puppies, Wellington

Tuesday April 16 – Festival of Colour at Queenstown Memorial Hall, Queenstown

Wednesday April 17 – Festival of Colour at Central Lakes Trust Crystal Palace, Wanaka